Did some art of one of my favorite guys Ladders!! They are so goofy :D!

Some Zine Art - 12.4.23

Finals are killing me- augh :(( I did make a mini zine though, I do hope to expand on it, because I have a lot of ideas for it and it's a real awesome personal piece that has a lot of ideas and stuff in it!! My working name for it currently is "I Can't Sleep, The Waves Are Too Loud." I don't have a comment box of any sort or anything like that yet- but if you rlly enjoy anything feel free to check my contact page- I will be so happy to see ppl enjoying my stuff^^!

Completed!! - 11.17.23

It took forever to get everything working fairly alright but I finally got it! I am not really a coder or anything but I am happy to say that I have made a website that functions completely from scratch!! I'm happy with what I have learned over the course of creating this site and I'm happy to have a little spot for me on the internet^^ Hosting a place where I can talk about art, my paganism and witchcraft, my life, all my hobbies, and everything else is going to be really fun!! I'm just going to have fun and do whatever and maybe I'll have some posts on here that are actually useful :D! We'll see how this goes!!

Test - 11.16.23

This is a test! Trying to see if everything works right!